Firefox on Fedora finally gets VA-API on Wayland.

Yes, it’s finally here. One and half year after Tom Callaway, Engineering Manager @ Red Hat added the patch to Chromium we also get hardware accelerated video playback for Firefox. It’s shame it took too long but I’m still learning. The VA-API support in Firefox is a bit specific as it works under Wayland onlyContinue reading “Firefox on Fedora finally gets VA-API on Wayland.”

Wayland/X11: How to run Firefox in mixed environment

Mixed X11/Wayland environment is a source of great annoyance when comes to running Firefox on Wayland along other X11 applications, like terminal, mail clients etc. Some X11 applications set GDK_BACKEND variable to x11 which effectively breaks Wayland applications and causes Firefox to start in X11 mode. That breaks Firefox remote protocol when Firefox searches forContinue reading “Wayland/X11: How to run Firefox in mixed environment”

WebGL and fgx acceleration on Wayland

Firefox on Linux have suffered by poor WebGL performance for long, long time. It was given by missing general acceleration on Linux as there are always broken gfx drivers on X11, various hacks and different standards, closed source drivers and so on. Long story short – to do gfx acceleration seriously on Linux have beenContinue reading “WebGL and fgx acceleration on Wayland”

Firefox & Wayland HiDPI screens

When comes to HiDPI screens and resolutions Firefox has always had some technical debts there. Wayland slightly improved it  but we still miss clean user experience. We tried hard to improve it and the last piece – hi-res widget rendering – landed in upcoming Firefox 68 (recently Beta). That means Firefox should be fully compatibleContinue reading “Firefox & Wayland HiDPI screens”

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