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Thunderbird 60 with title bar hidden

Many users like hidden system titlebar as Firefox feature although it’s not finished yet. But we’re very close and I hope to have Firefox 64 in shape that the title bar can be disabled by default at least on Gnome and matches Firefox outfit at Windows and Mac.

Thunderbird 60 was finally released for Fedora and comes with a basic version of the feature as it was introduced at Firefox 60 ESR. There’s a simple checkbox at “Customize” page at Firefox but Thunderbird is missing an easy switch.

To disable the title bar at Thunderbird 60, you need to go to system menu Edit -> Preferences and choose Advanced tab. Then click at Config Editor at page left bottom corner, open it and look for mail.tabs.drawInTitlebar. Double clik on it and your bird should be titleless πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Thunderbird 60 with title bar hidden

  1. Nice, thanks. How about the “Menu Bar”?

    When I go to: ‘View’ -> ‘Toolbars’ there is no option (to uncheck) for Menu Toolbar?!


  2. Actually, this tip was handy, but for the OPPOSITE reason. For some stupid reason TBird decided to *hide* my toolbar, and I wanted it back. So setting this to “false” brought it back.


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