The first fully tested Fedora Firefox package

We hit a big milestone in Firefox deployment on Fedora with firefox-84.0.2 package. It’s the first fully tested Firefox package released to Fedora users. Let’s see what’s so exciting on it. Mozilla has a large testsuite as a part of development and release process. When any new patch hits Firefox repository, it’s built and testedContinue reading “The first fully tested Fedora Firefox package”

Firefox on Fedora finally gets VA-API on Wayland.

Yes, it’s finally here. One and half year after Tom Callaway, Engineering Manager @ Red Hat added the patch to Chromium we also get hardware accelerated video playback for Firefox. It’s shame it took too long but I’m still learning. The VA-API support in Firefox is a bit specific as it works under Wayland onlyContinue reading “Firefox on Fedora finally gets VA-API on Wayland.”

Thunderbird 60 with title bar hidden

Many users like hidden system titlebar as Firefox feature although it’s not finished yet. But we’re very close and I hope to have Firefox 64 in shape that the title bar can be disabled by default at least on Gnome and matches Firefox outfit at Windows and Mac. Thunderbird 60 was finally released for FedoraContinue reading “Thunderbird 60 with title bar hidden”

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