Firefox – we’re finally getting HW acceleration on Linux

Firefox 84.0 is a big milestone for Firefox Linux development as it comes with HW acceleration by default for some Linux users. Stock Mozilla Firefox 84.0 enables WebRender (HW accelerated backend) for Gnome/ and Gnome/Wayland will be supported in Firefox 85.0. Fedora is bit ahead and enables WebRender for Gnome/Wayland in Firefox 84.0 too. WebRenderContinue reading “Firefox – we’re finally getting HW acceleration on Linux”

Firefox 81 on Fedora with VA-API, WebRTC and X11

Mozilla Firefox continues to implement more and more HW acceleration features on Linux and Fedora comes with extra integration patches to enable it. Firefox 78 introduced VA-API video decoding on Wayland. Firefox 81 (a latest stable release) comes with VA-API for WebRTC streams decoding and enables VA-API on X11 for supported platforms. Let’s start withContinue reading “Firefox 81 on Fedora with VA-API, WebRTC and X11”

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