Firefox – we’re finally getting HW acceleration on Linux

Firefox 84.0 is a big milestone for Firefox Linux development as it comes with HW acceleration by default for some Linux users. Stock Mozilla Firefox 84.0 enables WebRender (HW accelerated backend) for Gnome/ and Gnome/Wayland will be supported in Firefox 85.0. Fedora is bit ahead and enables WebRender for Gnome/Wayland in Firefox 84.0 too. WebRenderContinue reading “Firefox – we’re finally getting HW acceleration on Linux”

The first fully tested Fedora Firefox package

We hit a big milestone in Firefox deployment on Fedora with firefox-84.0.2 package. It’s the first fully tested Firefox package released to Fedora users. Let’s see what’s so exciting on it. Mozilla has a large testsuite as a part of development and release process. When any new patch hits Firefox repository, it’s built and testedContinue reading “The first fully tested Fedora Firefox package”

Firefox on Fedora with OpenH264

Firefox on Fedora which sits in the updates [F32][F31] right now comes with enabled OpenH264 Cisco decoder for video playback and fdk-aac-free used for audio decoding. It’s implemented by GMP (Gecko Media Plugin) API so the OpenH264 is not used through ffmpeg library but Firefox sandboxed interface, the same as Firefox uses for Widevine CDMContinue reading “Firefox on Fedora with OpenH264”

Firefox 81 on Fedora with VA-API, WebRTC and X11

Mozilla Firefox continues to implement more and more HW acceleration features on Linux and Fedora comes with extra integration patches to enable it. Firefox 78 introduced VA-API video decoding on Wayland. Firefox 81 (a latest stable release) comes with VA-API for WebRTC streams decoding and enables VA-API on X11 for supported platforms. Let’s start withContinue reading “Firefox 81 on Fedora with VA-API, WebRTC and X11”

Firefox GNOME Shell search provider

Firefox has a long history of Gtk desktop integration. We use native Gtk3 theme to style widgets, we try to use system colors where it’s possible, honor global dark themes and so on and we feel that the application should play nicely with the rest of the system. Plasma/KDE users may admit that Firefox isContinue reading “Firefox GNOME Shell search provider”

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